Haarika - Radio City 91.1 FM’S ‘RJ Hunt’ - 01

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Haarika - Radio City 91.1 FM’S ‘RJ Hunt’ - 01
Haarika - Radio City 91.1 FM’S ‘RJ Hunt’ - 02
Haarika Bhaskar Rao, Radio City 91.1 FM’S ‘RJ Hunt’, City Centre, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Radio City 91.1 FM’S ‘RJ Hunt’ for Hyderabad’s best talent, and this is the last month long hunt for Hyderabad’s best talent in Radio Jockeying was concluded with a dazzling grand finale event. Her topic was “luckiest Day in her life”. She elaborated on that topic spontaneously without any fear. She was very excited to be one of the five finalists & rocked the performance. She danced beautifully for the Telugu & Tamil songs and attracted the viewers. She even translated few Telugu movie dialogues in English. The hall was full fun and she entertained a lot with her dazzling performance. Everyone liked her performance. She answered in a versatile way to the question asked by Director, Nandini Reddy.
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