Irshad Ahmed, Secretary Nar-India

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Irshad Ahmed, Secretary, NAR-India. Brokers all over India are plentily available; each one charges different amounts of money from customers. To streamline these charges, to bring in transparency, educate people, and to have a very friendly co-ordination between the purchaser & the developer, the formation of NAR-India will play a vital role. We have set up a code of ethics, rules, regulations, terms & conditions, etc. Each state has a different policy of brokerage charges. Normally NAR will not interfere but the brokers will be accountable to the purchasers, as they are affiliated to the national body. We are an association of associations. To improve the confidence level among brokers and purchasers, it was important to form local associations. In Bangalore, the Bangalore Association of India was started, where we brought in the code of ethics and the brokerage charges were laid down. Customers could not be overcharged or undercharged. As a result, most of the leading developers asked brokers whether they were members of BRAI. This has brought in a lot of respectability and discipline among the brokerage industry.