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Dr. Jayakeerthi Y Rao, Consultant Cardiologist & Electro physiologist, Prime Hospitals, Hyderabad. A 26 year old male was diagnosed at Prime Hospitals as suffering from Unifocal ventricular premature contractions (PCVs. Monitoring his heart for 24 hours by sophisticated Holter monitoring revealed that 15% of his heart beats were abnormal. Untreated this condition could have been fatal. The entire procedure took four hours and was performed under local anesthesia. Electrophysiological study & radio frequency ablation has the potential for single shot cure. With improved mapping techniques the risk is significantly less and the procedural success is higher. Even in asymptomatic patients with frequent PVCs, there will be structural changes in the heart which could lead on to heart failure and can be prevented by timely ablation and in some with heart failure the problem can be reversed. Ensite Array balloon is a special electronic balloon which is a revolutionary technique utilizing cutting edge technology.