Neeraj Jewalker CEO of smartur com

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Neeraj Jewalker Founder and CEO of He says is the e-learning site where there are e-learning activities for the schools and children from the kindergarten to the 12th Class. This is an education site and since this being an election season at present was thought this to be important and the care where children involved the process of elections is interesting and friendly way. If one looks at the facts about these fifty millions the new Voters have come and become an active disk in these election seasons says Neeraj Jewalker. Similar set of people schooled these children going to 8th, 9th and 10th Classes. In this point of time the politicians are thought about reaching out to these children getting known about the Agenda of points to keep positive of the various varieties says Neeraj. The same set of politicians reach out the new varieties of the voters and the kinds let them know how they reach. The needs consider voting them. The idea being to win them the actual going and vote the actual basis for these making them vote says Neeraj. The parameters on which they work judge these activities. Neeraj says they have created the activities for the works and have done to create a section on these where they put these activities so that the children does to understand how they go about in choosing the leaders says Neeraj.