Pandey - M P Biotechnology Council

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Dr. V N Pandey, Chief Executive Officer, M P Biotechnology Council, Bhopal, BioAsia 2013, HICC, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The Madhya Pradesh Government has created a Department of Biotechnology and Biodiversity to harness the advantages of these two sector. There is a Madhya Pradesh Biodiversity Board and also a Biotechnology Council. The Madhya Pradesh Biotechnology Council is authorized to oversee the implementation of Biotechnology Policy of the Government of Madhya Pradesh, which aspires to coordinate and promote Biotechnology (BT) sector in realms of education, research and industry with a perspective to develop skilled manpower who can be instruments in realizing the commitments as well as being future entrepreneurs. The Council endeavors to act as link between Academia, Research and Industry. The government is offering lots of incentives to biotechnology and biodiversity companies.