Shri Veera Anjaneya Vari kshetram

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Matampalli Shri Ram Sharma, Hanumath Translators, Shri Veera Anjaneya vari kshetram, Santa Pet, Ongole. This temple is one of the well known temples. On behalf of Karthika Pournami, there will be a function of “Koti deepalankarana”. So, I wish that many people should participate in this great event and make this programme successful. This is especially evident during Karthika Pournami in Karthika season. In this temple a big idol of Veera Anjaneya is present and apart from that Lord Shiva idol is also present. This Siva temple is pretty old and the popular worship place. Shri Ram Sharma’s presentations on life make every person successful. The people in the town had strong belief on Lord Shiva idol as he cures their problems if the abhishekam is done with all ingredients on the sanctum sanctorum. This is a very sacred & religious place to all the people in & off the town.
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