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'Artificial' is a psycho thriller short film directed by upcoming film maker Vijay Kumar Vemuri. The 21minute film revolves around a young couple. The film revolves around the housewife, played by well known actress Supriya Aysola's, fantasy involving a mask. Whenever some foul language is used the housewife visualize a person wearing mask. She has many encounter with mask in the movie and sometimes it appears as if the housewife enjoys the strange bedroom fantasy. The film was shot in and around Hyderabad. The cast include Abhinav Gomatam, who plays the husband's role, Deepthi Naidu, Kranthi, Mahesh Kumar Kathi, Shwetha Chowdary and Rohan. Cinematography is by Shyam.T and the background music has been scored by Satya K.