3F Oil Palm company introduces more transport incentives to oil palm farmers


All sectors have been affected in many ways due to corona, Farmers are facing severe difficulties as corona and fuel charges rise. At a time like this, 3F Oil Palm, a frontrunner in providing innovative initiatives to assist farmers, is offering farmers a cost-effective transportation incentive to transport oil palm brunches to the factory. The transport incentive is being augmented to further help farmers to transport oil palm fruit bunches to the factory it reduces the cost of transportation.

Sanjay Goenka, Managing Director, 3F Oil Palm, said, “The 3F Oil Palm Company understands the financial situation of farmers and helps them in many ways. This transport incentive was increased with the intention of benefiting financially during these extraordinary times. This will definitely benefit the farmers ”

The cash incentive has been increased from a minimum of Rs 175 to a maximum of Rs 300 per ton from September 1st 2020.

The details of the increased incentive are as follows :

For farmers up to 5 km away, the old rate is Rs. 125 now increased to Rs. 175.

6 to 10 km transport incentive old rate Rs.150 and its Increased to Rs.200. For those of 11-15 km, the old rate has been increased from Rs 210 to Rs 260.

The old rate for 16 – 20 km is Rs. 210 to and it is now Rs. 275.

For those above 20 kilometers, The old rate was Rs. 215 it is now Rs. 300.

About 3F Oil Palm :

Oil Palm Division of 3F Industries Ltd. was established in 1993. Subsequently, a new company under the name of 3F Oil Palm Private Limited (3F OPPL) was formed in 2010. It was one of the first companies in India to venture into oil palm development and processing and today features among the top three palm oil companies in the country. 3F Oil Palm was among the first companies identified by the government of the erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh for implementing the Oil Palm Development Project. The company has operations in West Godavari, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam and Nellore in Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) with a potential of 63,000 hectares. In A.P., 3F Oil Palm acquired Simhapuri Agro Products Pvt. Ltd in Nellore in the recent past. It also has operations in Tamil Nadu (5,000 hectares), Orissa (25,000 hectares), Chhattisgarh (20,000 hectares), Mizoram (20,000 hectares), Arunachal Pradesh (20,000 hectares) and Gujarat (20,000 hectares).