Barbeque Nation Celebrates ” Let’s Chillis Fest 2019″



Barbeque nation is india’s leading casual dining restaurant chain.which invites foodies to indulge in,offering mouth watering dishes,graced with a variety of special chilies for a fiery culinary adventure.The special dishes are being offered through an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.visit any of barbeque nation’s out lets in

Hyderabad between August 15 and Sep 1 to savoir some exotic Chilli in fused dishes

#Guvamelon #gardendelight #Chillyvada #crispyfries #friedpita #Rajwadichickentikka #Angaratangdi, etc are the varieties been set up.
Mr.Mansoor Memon,Regional Manager-south Barbeque Nation hospitality Ltd., said people in south india eat a lot of spicy food and chiili is the one of the key ingredients. Most of the traditional preparations are famous for the extra dash of Chilli in it.keeping that in mind we came up with our latest festival ‘LET’s Chilli. We welcome diners to join us this special food odyssey for a refreshing new experience
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