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Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS Hybiz Tv Media Awards 2021 will honor the outstanding reporters, photographers, Video- graphers. Advertisement Team. Circulation Team, Anchors, who bring the news and intonation to you. It's a fact that these media professionals do not receive due recognition for their significant contributions. Hence the Media Awards have been instituted by Hybiz tv to honor them for their valuable services to society.
The Event will be held on 30th January 2021. in the Sandhya Convention Centre, Gachibowli, Hyderabad from 6.00pm onwards
The following are the official Rules and Regulations for those who are nominating themselves/being nominated for Hybiz tv Media Awards 2021. The nominees must read and adhere to the following rules and regulations in order to participate in the Hybiz tv Media Awards 2021 programme.

  1. The applicant must be legal resident of AP / Telangana
  2. The applicant must not have any Civil/Criminal Case/ bank loan defaults pending against her or her organization, past or present.
  3. The applicant will have to participate in a disciplined and diligent manner throughout as per schedule given.
  4. The organisers are not responsible for any delays or non-receipt of online applications on any account and for any reason whatsoever.
  5. The applicant shall agree to be called for a interview/ presentation by the judges in the process of selection. This may happen by way of a telephone call or personal appearance.
  6. The applicant shall bear the cost of her travel and stay during the event.
  7. The applicant understands and agrees that if she is selected as a winner, all decisions concerning production, promotions, photographs, advertising, program, media, social media, endorsements, testimonials, appearance, and all other aspects shall be with Hybiz tv.
  8. The winner/s agrees that Hybiz tv wiII be informed of and approve all appearances in media.
  9. Any Contestant that defaults on her contract must return all prizes, awards to the Hybiz tv office in the condition in which it was received.
  10. Applicant understands and agrees that any misconduct, negative innuendoes or misrepresentation of themselves or other participants, through any form, be it oral, written and/or by actions, will be grounds for disqualification, without question.
  11. Incorrect information will result in disqualification, whether discovered prior to, during or after participation.
  12. Applicant must be willing to release, unconditionally and forever, any claim against Hybiz and affiliated or related companies and their respective officers, sponsors, directors, partners, volunteers, employees, agents and assigns. which they may have by virtue of their participation in this event.
  13. The applicant is not a party to any contract written or verbal with any person, firm, business, Public Relations Firm, publicist, charity or corporation in respect to any present title that she holds Of may hold, nor has she made any commitments for the future regarding any such titles.
  14. The organisers are not responsible for any loss or physical injury that occurs to the applicant on account of their participation in the event. The applicant will participate at her own risk& responsibility.
  15. Hybiz tv may disclose any and all Information provided by me to any person for any purpose.
  16. Applicant understands and agrees to authorize Hybiz tv and those authorized by the Hybiz tv to research and verify the information I have given on this application for this pageant including personal and professional background, character, work history, awards, and qualifications.
  17. The schedule of events and qualification rounds are subject to change at the discretion of the organizers. The organizers are not responsible for non-completion/ non-occurrence of the event.
  18. Nomination opens from 20th December 2020 and closes on 15th January 2021.
  19. In the event of any dispute. the organizers decisions are final and binding on the applicant. Deadlines am determined by the number of entries. The decision of the judges is final.
  20. The courts of Hyderabad/Secunderabad have the jurisdiction overall disputes.
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