Dallas Venture Partners (DVP) Launched Dayakar Puskoor, Neemuchwala joins as a Venture Partner


Dallas Venture Partners (DVP) today announced its plans to
focus on early stage and growth stage companies with cloud infrastructure, AI/ML, mobile and
emerging technologies. Dayakar Puskoor, a serial entrepreneur with a track record of
successful investments will serve as the Managing Director of DVP. The firm noted that Abid
Neemuchwala, the former CEO and Managing Director of Wipro, would be bringing his
extensive insight and relationship to DVP as a Venture Partner.
Speaking on the occasion Dayakar Puskoor said, “A majority of startups require a “second act”
during their growth stage. With deep technology expertise, industry knowledge, and market
understanding DVP will provide this much needed momentum to startups identified through
targeted and insightful diligence efforts.”
DVP plans to make investments in cloud infrastructure, AI/ML, Iot, XR, and other emerging
technologies in the range of US$ 2 million to 10 million both in early stage and growth stage
companies. The pre-existing version of DVP was a venture capital platform that successfully
invested in twenty-one startups with multiple successful exits and with a combined portfolio
enterprise value of more than US$ 1 Billion.
Translating past experience into DVP, the VC firm will provide extensive support to its portfolio
companies through co-investments from Silicon Valley investors, participation in incubator &
accelerator programs, speaking and networking opportunities at industry and business
“Abid has been a statesman of the IT services industry and a thought leader advising Global
CXO’s on Digital Transformation. His rich experience in business and technology, and extensive
network, will benefit the startup ecosystem worldwide”, Dayakar added.
“Dallas Venture Partners will build on Dayakar’s vision of bringing the Silicon Valley spirit to
Dallas and I am excited to begin this journey to play my part in nurturing innovation, mentoring
startups, and celebrating entrepreneurship”, said Abid Neemuchwala, sharing his excitement of
joining Dallas Venture Partners.
Witnessing a significant growth, India, the world’s second largest startup ecosystem, has
become a natural attraction for international investors who want to be a part of the country’s
growth journey. According to a report, more than 55,000 startups were launched in India in the
last five and half years alone, out of which over 3,200 startups raised $63 Bn in funding. The
digital boom and technology disruption especially in the current times has led to increased
interest of investors particularly in the tech-domain.
With its entry in India, DVP will tap the opportunities that the burgeoning tech ecosystem is
offering to overseas investors. The fund aims to bring Silicon valley spirit from Dallas to India.
DVP envisions to help Indian startups grow global from local by making around $300-500 Million
investment in the country and creating about $7-10 Billion Enterprise Value within a timespan of
10 years.
And through this venture journey in India, Abid’s deep technology expertise, invaluable
experience of building businesses and understanding of the Indian market will be an asset for
both DVP as well as the startups the fund will be investing in.
“India is fast becoming a hotbed for innovation and incubation but needs help with go-to-market
acceleration. DVP with its time tested philosophy to Invest, Engage, Collaborate, Grow and Exit
is well poised to not only to fund the market acceleration but increase the odds of success
through its extensive network of advisors that offer unparalleled mentorship to the startups.”,
further adds Dayakar.