Dr K I Varaprasad Reddy | Founder of Shantha Biotechnics | Reason behind Shantha Biotechnics Start?


Dr K I Varaprasad Reddy | Founder of Shantha Biotechnics | Reason behind Shantha Biotechnics Start
The west always had a poor opinion about India. In an era where India was opening it’s markets to Liberalization, during a time when the World contributed heavily to Brain Drain in India, a time when Indian Research Institutes merely did pilot experiments, a time when Medical Care was secondary priority for Indian Families – Some brave entrepreneurs have embarked on a journey to change the opinion of the world about India, provide world class Medicines at affordable cast for Indians, reduce the import dependence in Healthcare Industry and finally build a disease free India.
Dr. Kallam Anji Reddy was one of the prime movers but path breaking research in vaccinations, providing affordable vaccines to Indians can be attributed to a Hyderabad based company Shantha Biotech.
He is not an avid researcher in Life Sciences, he has never worked for a life sciences company before, having worked with Defense Establishments and then an acrimonious relationship with Hyderabad Batteries brought a halt to his electronics career. During this break, enraged by comments of world class scientists about the poor status of immunization in India, he wanted to start manufacturing affordable vaccinations.
Aided by an asst professor in Osmania University, he created what is today the prime mover in immunization and vaccination – Shantha Biotech.
Dr. K I Varaprasad Reddy – our Legend for this week in conversation with Rajgopal Madishetty of Hybiz TV recalls his journey in building Shantha Biotech. Ably aided by Dr. Gita Sharma, Varaparas Reddy has built an empire that answered the biotechnology and microbiology challenges the world has ridiculed about India being incapable.
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