Gitanjali Group of Schools – Setting benchmarks for schools in Hyderabad


It all began as a dream for Gita Karan, who had the passion to teach. She stepped into the portals of Hyderabad Public School as a pre-primary teacher and then one day, she decided to strike out on her own. What began with one school, 11 teachers and 150 students is today an educational group with 5 schools, 350 teachers and 6000 students.
What makes Gitanjali special? We take a look at the tiara of the educational group, the Gitanjali Senior School. Located in Mayuri Marg, Begumpet in Hyderabad. We spoke to Mrs.Gita Karan, Director, Gitanjali School about where she got the inspiration to start this educational group, that has set benchmarks for other schools to follow.
Mrs. Maya Sukumaran, Principal of Gitanjali Senior school, who has had a 19 year stint at Gitanjali Senior School, is someone who believes in hands on approach to ensure that the school stays on top of the rack.
Gitanjali is today synonymous with excellence, innovations, and deep-rooted values. The quintessential vision of Gitanjali is embedded in the relationship that it nurtures between a teacher and a student.
The approach to pedagogy aims at instilling qualities of leadership in a student and fostering a respect for our cultural values and ethos, while charting one’s unique trajectory in a global scenario.
At Gitanjali senior school, a reasonable student teacher ratio is ensured to optimize the attention span of students. It also brings in personalised care and enables effective implementation of theme based activities
A SWOT analysis is undertaken for professional development of teachers
Regular workshops for teachers in both scholastic and Co-scholastic domains and to upgrade their skills.
Gitanjali is part of the Google Education Group Circle and have workshops on a regular basis for students and teachers.
Gitanjali is sensitive to the fact that the present generation of learners is intuitively technology oriented .Though technology is a game changer, the school believes in striking a balance between conventional teaching methods and the media based teaching.
Gitanjali strongly believes that Parents are partners of our progress. A Parent portal is maintained by the My Class Board to regularly update the parents about the activities in school,the child’s performance and also consider intake of their valuable suggestions.
The Lesson plans and curriculum vitae are done online and shared amongst the members of the department through the school assigned official mail id. This enables uniformity in teaching and creates a coordinated and cooperative working atmosphere .
The social and moral values instilled in the students results in high levels of intrinsic motivation to voluntarily take up welfare activities.
Gitanjali believes in developing an analytical and creative mind, coupled with collaborative temperament.
Creating a spine for Innovation has become a dominant learning outcome of School Education.
Flip classes for certain concepts are a way of life in the school.
Integrated curricula and activities like CREYA, where students working on ideas generated in class and create innovative models of experimenting and researching with the guidance of teachers is an established practice.
Gitanjali pioneers in Hyderabad to introduce STEAM methodologies as a part of middle school curriculum.
Gitanjali believes in ‘learning by doing’- for High School students with a programme on integrating sciences with a hands on approach, through Discovery Science Exploratory classes.
Parents take an active lead in organising and conducting workshops for children in their areas ofexpertise and work in tandem with the teaching faculty.
The ISC department ‘s Corporate Internship Programme is a very innovative and learning bydoing programme , which has been rated very highly both by the students and the corporatefirms .It has a wide range of career related internships -from Law firms to Hotel industry.
Gitanjali School has achieved the approval of the ISA Project which is an initiative of the British Council.
Gitanjali thus believes that the success of an educational institution should be measured by the value itadds to each individual.The school endeavours to prepare each student for academic,personal andsocial success. The pedagogical methods prepare students to uphold high standards of ethical,moraland civil conduct;nurture life skills to overcome the challenges of life;foster confidence,cooperationand team work;appreciate pluralism and diversities and show a heightened awareness andunderstanding of differences;contribute in a positive and constructive manner towards theamelioration of society
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