Green future of our Country and the Globe


Hydrogen cleaner cheaper alternative to fossil fuels. has the highest energy content of common fuels by weight 3X more than diesel making hydrogen-powered engines more compelling. Hydrogen fuel cell technology can be a key to lowering carbon emissions. Traditional engines are powered by combustion whereas Hydrogen-powered engines generate electricity.
Hydrogen fuel cells combining with hydrogen and oxygen this reaction emits water vapor instead of carbon Hydrogen transport is a tough job as hydrogen evaporates quickly in a fraction of seconds. It is difficult to transport as a gas. The only way is to convert it into ammonia which is a convenient chemical to ship. after reaching the point can be converted back to hydrogen.
There is also An innovative approach that could turn nanoparticles into simple reservoirs for storing hydrogen. The highly volatile gas is considered a promising energy carrier for the future, which could provide climate-friendly fuels for airplanes, ships, and lorries developed by the team, which also includes researchers from the Universities of Cologne and Hamburg.

-Likhitha Shenoy

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