How to Cook Chicken Sizzler Recipe –


How to Cook Chicken Sizzler Recipe – : Recipe Chicken Sizzler – Chicken Supreme pieces, chopped onions, chopped ginger, chopped garlic, coriander, black pepper(coarse and powdered), white pepper, salt, sugar, self raising flour(maida), chilli paste, soya sauce, tomato ketchup. Add salt, sugar, coarse pepper, ajinomoto. Add a little bit of egg yellow and add a bit of self raising flour and corn flour the chicken and mix it well and then deep fry the mix. In a pan add little oil to it add chopped ginger and garlic. To it add bell pepper, onion and sauté for a while add chilli paste, tomato ketchup, soya sauce and barbeque sauce, salt, sugar, coarse pepper and a little vinegar and add the fried chicken to the sauted mixture. Dressed the chicken with cabbage and add the barbeque to it and decorate it with French fries