Javadekar denies charges that draft EIA notification dilutes environmental laws | Hybiz Tv


Environment Minister Prakash Javadeker rejected charges levelled by senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh that environment laws will be diluted by the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) notification.
Javadekar dismissed the allegation during a special mention in Rajya Sabha.
The Minister said “As far as public hearing is concerned, they have exempted two new categories (under the EIA),”
The draft EIA notification, which involves the procedure of issuing environmental clearances to various projects, was issued by the ministry in March this year and public suggestions were invited.
Ramesh termed the notification “anti-democratic” and dangerous.
The Congress leader said, he urges the government to resist the temptation of using this crisis as an opportunity to weaken environmental laws and put this draft notification (EIA) in complete cold storage. During the lockdown period, there was a concerted attempt to issue this notification, but it has been held back because of the public protest and concerns

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