Khairatabad Ganesh 2019 Idol Construction Works


Khairatabad Ganesh 2019 Idol Construction Works


The 11-day-long festival of Ganesha Chaturthi is still months away, but preparations are already gripping the city of Hyderabad! Within the city, artisans in Khairatabad are hard at work on one of India’s largest Ganeshas.

Khairatabad has been famous for many years now as the location where the largest Ganesha idol will be prepared and installed, year on year. Every year, the height of the idol is raised by 1 foot – and this year is going to be no exception.

The 2019 Ganesha Idol will be 61 feet tall and will take the form of Sri Dwadashaditya Maha Ganapathi. The sculptor behind this year’s idol, Rajendran is working full-time on the idol and scaffoldings for the same have already been put into place. Listen to his thoughts on the festival and the idol.

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