Komin Natural Mineral Water | Komin Natural Water Wins Bronze Price for India


Vijay Mane, Director, Sankeshwar Ventures PVT LTD Said that KOMIN has recently awarded Bronze as Finest Tasting Water in International High End Drinking Water Expo 2019 in the competetion with 2,200 brands from all over the world organized at Guangzohu China.It was only brand from India to win the award He also added KOMIN Maintains Good Alkaline Quantity.Regular consumption of Komin natural mineral water keeps away from many Health Hazards.Gets #healthyhair and #healthyskin,improves #digestion and #metabolism,#strenthensbones and #boostsimmunity.It has unique taste of water stored in earthen pots.It contains various minerals like #magnesium,#calcium,#pottasium,#sodium and #Nitrate
Availability: Being a Member of Fine Water Society,it is available on Various Platforms like #Amazon,#Bigbasket,#Flipkart and also in top
#starhotels and #jungleresorts in india.It is available as 500 ml and 1 litre bottles.It is certified by FSMS ISO 2200,FSSAI,ISI and The Fine Water Society
KOMIN is a pure natural mineral water which is suggestive of Health and physical well being.Komin has differing amounts of minerals,differing PH values,differing nature,differing levels of purity.As it acts as a #detoxifier,it promotes #healthylifestyle,it works as an #energybooster and it gives #naturalnutrition to the body Komin was born from the belief that the benefits of natural mineral water needed to be brought to the world.It is bottled at the source in the sahayadri range and purified by mother Nature herself.which is enriched by electrolytes and minerals and it is preserved in an untouched natural qualifier
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