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Dr G Ranjith Reddy Managing Director S R Group | President Telangana Poultry Breeders Association
What came first – the chicken or the egg
Did the entrepreneur pioneer the poultry industry or the poultry industry make the successful entrepreneur, we would never know.
What are the parameters that define success?
Self Belief: he had loads of it, starting at a time when the entire industry was in a bad phase, believing that this is a temporary setback. This was the first pillar to his succes
Trust: he is the most trusted man to his farmers, to the corporate because he gives the most suitable advice. Si much is the trust on him that building a brand of feed was cake walk for him
Vision: what brings you here will not take you there, a man who saw tomorrow and started preparing a better today
Expertise: every challenge forces us to learn, this man made sure that he puts in all his expertise to use to address the challenges for today.
Collaboration: we succeed when we let the industry flourish for this the best should come together and a force should bring them together. This man is an invisible force.
Hailing from a family of public servants, he did not want to get into a government job. As he narrates his journey from an image of being “nuts” to a day when he is hailed as a pioneer in Poultry and feed industry to Mr Raj Gopal of Hybiz TV, Mr. Ranjith Reddy comes forward as a blue book to the poultry industry
They had the same commitment to make it big, they batted for each other and Mr. ranjith Reddy and Mr. Tirupathi Reddy achieved success.
Get awed with the knowledge of HYBIZ LEGEND Mr. Ranjith Reddy, MD, SR Hatcheries who talks about supply demand elasticity and value chain for an industry which was more known for backyard farming but today contributes immensely to the GDP of the country
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