Legends Exclusive Stories | Dr GBK RAO | CMD | Pragati Green Meadows & Resorts Limited


Legends Exclusive Stories | Dr GBK RAO | Chairman & Managing Director | Pragati Green Meadows & Resorts Limited
Do not term him just a Nature Lover, He is an engineer par excellence. Do not just think that he is an Engineer, He has mastered the art of conserving the Nature. Do not treat him like a businessman, his philanthropic interests are far and beyond.
A boy from a small town near Repalle who was asked to be promised by his father that he will not study beyond Class 10 went on to become an Engineer. His interactions with his uncle and umpteen number of hours spent on a lathe machine has proved vital in his mastery of Design and Development of advanced reactors, Pressure Vessels, High Speed Steel and the list is endless. Such is the tenacity of this person that in a place like Pimpri with his Mech Fab Works he has created a space of his own in the design and manufacturing sector.
His Contribution to the upliftment of Tribal population has won the hearts of many administrators and this paved way to a remarkable journey as an Advisor to the Government of Odisha. The Industrialist does not stop there, he is a member of many organizations that coordinate the trade and commerce in the country. Is that all? The Environmentalist in him, the nature lover in him pushed him hard to envisage a heaven on earth that is surrounded by plants and trees that have aromatic and ayurvedic values with them.
A man who believes in the power of ancient Indian Medicine and embarked on a journey of conserving nature thought of Water Harvesting when the whole world was thinking how to conserve water.
Talk to him and he talks to you at length. Such is the experience of Raj Gopal Madisetty of Hybiz TV interacting with our LEGEND Dr. G B K Rao, Managing Director Pragathi Group, Awestuck is an understatement, Inspired is a mere definition.

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