Legends Exclusive Stories | DR. K R Meghanadh | Managing Director | MAA ENT Hospitals


DR. K R Meghanadh | Managing Director | MAA ENT Hospitals
Sarvendriyanam nayanam pradhanam – eyes are important cognitive senses
But even Dhanvantari would agree that ghrana – nose, srotra – ear and rasana – tongue are inseparable virtues of jnanendriyas or the cognitive senses.
The placement and reach of the parts of the body that make up for smell, sound and taste of a human being looks very simple for a layman but diagnosis and treatment of disorders in these organs is complicated to say the least.
Otolaryngology a branch of medicine that deals with the study of what we commonly know as ENT is a branch that not only has to deal with the respective organs but also the human emotions that are attached to the process of treatment.
Perfection is a pursuit, excellence is a journey and both have commitment, dedication and conviction for breakfast.
Like Gautama Budha, here is a man who has realised purpose out of pain, here is a man who embarked on a journey to spread smiles on the faces of patients who suffered the pain of silence, who suffered the pain of a clogged head, who suffered the pain of recurrent infection.
Any landmark journey starts alone and so did it happen with Dr. Meghnath. He treated numerous cases that suffered sinusitis, ear discharge, deafness, deafness at child birth and the list goes on encompassing the entire field of Otolaryngology.
Speaking to Rajgopal Madisetty of Hybiz TV, Dr. K R Meghnadh recounts his inspiration, his experience and his thoughts behind his noble services to the field of ENT.
3 years in a Doctor’s life are very costly but if one foregoes them to specialize in a field one is already a specialist defines the commitment to excellence.
Ably joined by a group of like minded people and creating a dependable brand name for ENT related diagnosis, treatment and Surgery Dr. K R Meghnath today has emerged into an institution in himself.
His dedication to the profession and the field of study manasa, vacha, karmana makes him Hybiz LEGEND.
Partnering with MAA ENT to provide state of the art risk free, zero complications surgical procedures, Dr. K R Meghnadh has redefined the span and scope of ENT specialization. An invited speaker, a continuous knowledge seeker and above all a great human being – what can we give him for respect just becomes miniscule in front of a giant.
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