Legends Exclusive Stories | Kasu Prasad reddy | MaxiVision Eye Hospitals


Success is the by product of Hardwork and the converse is not always true. Hardwork needs to be watered with inspiration, it needs to be caressed with right advise and nurtured with constant blessings of elders.
A man who fails in anatomy, a man whose obsession to sharing and caring made him steal at a young age, a man who hails from a family of politicians with no pedigree of medical field today takes care of your sight.
While most think of “eye for detail”, he believes in taking care of every “detail of the eye”. A doctor who got inspired by a national inspiration called Dr. Kalam, A doctor who believes that no one should leave the front door of his hospital for lack of financial strength to get treated.
A man committed to providing excellent healthcare to the most important sense organ in human body. Poetic but true that he is not blinded by success, that he has not closed his eyes to reality, that from getting inspired he himself has stood as an inspiration for a generation of Ophthalmologists.
True, what you do in this life echoes in eternity. and when your name is etched on the memory of thousands of patients eternally – you become a legend. He named it Maxvision, his vision covers the maximum that it could achieve in a life time. Madishetty Rajgopal of Hybiz TV unveils the tender humanitarian behind the veil of a corporate Doctor – Dr. K Prasad Reddy of Maxvision

Legends Exclusive Stories | Kasu Prasad reddy | Max Vision Eye Hospitals

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