Legends Exclusive Stories | Mr. Bhaskar Reddy | Creamline Dairy Products


Mr. Bhaskar Reddy of Creamline Dairy Products a.k.a Jersey Milk discusses how they have lived the dream of entrepreneurship at a very young age and went on build a respected brand.
Like minded friends live the same dream and have been together through the thick and thin of expanding the business. His story is a chronicle of how Four friends had the same focus and grew in leaps and bounds with the help of professionals who have joined them just based on their business credibility.
Do I say this is the Bible for Dairy Operations? There is no exaggeration in this statement. From the times when the Milk Market was highly regulated and run by Co-Operative Societies to days of a deregularised competitive market, Mr. Bhaskar Reddy narrates the story of Creamline Dairy Products from the day 1 till date to Mr. Raj Gopal of Hybiz TV.
Be it Procurement, Production Control, Quality or Distribution – Creamline Dairy Products has excelled without compromising the value system that held the friends together.
So strong is the commitment to their values that it has lured firms like Godrej to take Note of their products and partner in growth.
With his unflinching sight on what he wants to achieve and a focussed effort that touches the hearts of consumers at the elementary level, Mr. Bhaskar Reddy Managing Director of Creamline Dairy Products Ltd. , Creamline Dairy Products is our Legend in the Dairy Industry.
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