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Legends Exclusive Stories | NVS Reddy Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd
NVS Reddy MD Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd
Speaking to Rajgopal Madishetty of Hybiz TV quips that his effigy was burnt by all religions multiple times. All the vices of a permissive democratic nation had created hurdles for HMRL and it took the Leader to hold his fort, fight every possible groups – people, politics, press and a state agitation. NVS Reddy – Managing Director HMRL, travel in a Metro to see the marvel he has headed. Our Journey knowing this Legend will continue about how the IRAS Officer became a trusted bureaucrat of 5 Chief Ministers.
Don’t throw stones at me, i might use them to build my house.
Here is a man who faced doubters at every step in giving Hyderabad’s transport system a revolution, here is a man who believed that a method which had only less than only 10% succes rate is apt for Hyderabad’s dream commute and here is a man who from being a victim of jokes turned difficulties to opportunities.
Failure was always seeing him in his face in the course of executing a project of huge magnitude and a prestigious one at that. This story is about a bit from East Godavari who wanted to become an IAS officer, a boy with very limited resources to prepare for his dream job, here is a man who trusted his conviction, passion and approach in realizing professional and personal dreams.
HMRL had a lot of trouble in the womb itself, while it was victim of poor corporate governance it was construed to be a fool hardy approach.
It takes courage and clarity to work with India’s best to beat the world’s best – HMRL showed the world that Public Private Partnership can be a huge success and it was definitely the leadership which gave all needed impetus to the thought.