Legends Exclusive Stories | Pinky Reddy | President | FICCI Ladies Organisation


Legends Exclusive Stories | Pinky Reddy | President | FICCI Ladies Organisation
For some people charming comes naturally, for some people leading comes naturally, for some people philanthropy comes naturally and finally for some people living a fulfilled life comes naturally. Imagine if all these are the signatures of one person and that the person is the daughter of a man who has made a mark in the entertainment industry AND that person is the daughter in law of a successful businessman AND that person is the wife of a successful businessman. Is she the Siva Tandava Stotram which her father recites passionately? Is she the celebrated Page 3 personality who is known more with her pet name than the real name? is she the Lotus Eyed beauty that owns the Lotus House? Is she the Aparna who is showing the Nation the power of a woman? Can a woman in her entire life have such a rainbow of experiences and choices to make, further still be a part of the philanthropic illuminati?

Was it a chance? Was it a choice? She was too young to tell you what it was, but she made the most of her God given status. Holding multiple positions in the family business, having an adorable family to take care of, being in a social circle that demands time and finally an innate drive to excel, enjoy and experience the world can be very tough especially for a girl. She took it head on – fell down, raised up made mistakes corrected them – by the way it takes courage for some one to tell you – I was wrong but then I will amend it, today she is a person whom young women would want to emulate.

Her life can be a solacing experience to the women who feel they have been enslaved to family pressures, her life is an invigorating saga of a woman who chalked her own path amidst the giants of business with in the same family, her life is an example of how an opportunity is to be identified and accepted.

National President of FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), Managing Director of Lotus House – Aparna Reddy a k a Pinky Reddy is our Legend for this week.

Was I tempted to introduce her as the Daughter of T Subbirami Reddy – Celebrated Producer, or the Daughter In Law of Dr. G V Krishna Reddy or the Wife of G V Sanjay Reddy…then I am not doing enough justice to this Aura called Pinky Reddy

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