Legends Exclusive Stories | Rajiv Chilaka | Founder & CEO | Green Gold Animation PVT LTD


Legends Exclusive Stories | Rajiv Chilaka | Founder & CEO | Green Gold Animation PVT LTD
There is a kid in every one of us, and we can never deny enjoying those cute little cartoon movies or comic strips. Walt Disney inspired the world, Pixar excelled in a space Walt Disney created and then people followed.
To start a company that caters exclusively to Graphics and Animation in a country where IT or Software is only about Application Development in a city where Technical Prowess eats Creative instincts for Breakfast is courage. This man is not afraid of losing, from what he says he is afraid of not trying.
How many of us would want to leave a lucrative job in United States and then go to an animation school drop the idea for want of Money, then join another school – fail pathetically in drawing and art, with no pedigree of Art or Creativity but persist with the idea? How many of us have a clear thought that I want to be an Entrepreneur and have a company with Head Quarters in Hyderabad or tell the same idea to a foreigner and convince him to teach him animation?
Life calls everyone of us, Life tells us that there is no second chance and very few understand the meaning. Opening up about Life and times with Madisetty Raj Gopal of Hybiz TV, Sitarama Rajiv Chilakalapudi a.k.a Rajiv Chilaka Founder of Green Gold Animations narrates the travails in creating Green Gold Animation and the success of cult characters like Chota Bheem, Mighty Raju.
Not only the first of its kind services but also the first of its kind Hit Cartoon Franchise that is created makes Mr. Rajiv Chilaka our LEGEND for this week
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