Legends Exclusive Stories | Ram Reddy | SMR Holdings


Legends Exclusive Stories | Ram Reddy | SMR Holdings

This man is known to have set his sight on “site”, he held his belief system which he bequeathed from his father – Saireddy Malla Reddy moving from the heartland of Telangana – Nalgonda to another nervous centre of Telangana – Manchiryal. Being brought up by a man who is a farmer, who is a freedom fighter, who is a value driven human being – this leading architect is not known for larger than life projects – in literal sense.

Talk about a vibrant childhood, talk about a committed school time, talk about a responsible time as a student in professional studies, talk about an architect or talk about a businessman – Saireddy Ram Reddy stands tall, upholding the values his father has taught, conducting in an upright manner, living an honest and humble life at the same time enjoying life and achievements to the fullest.

Working with who’s who of the Bureaucrats, convincing the toughest of the customers on what he believes is right, giving the customers the quality that is promised are the hallmarks of a man who turned his humble beginnings into a learning and built an empire with the same learnings as a foundation.

SMR is a brand today that stands for Trust, Quality, Lifestyle, Prestige and value for money. To hear the success story of SMR Holdings – listen from the horse’s mouth. The man who carved a space for himself in the annals of Real Estate History of Hyderabad, a Legend in the Construction Industry and undoubtedly a HUMAN being amidst the concrete jungle – Sri Saireddy Ram Reddy of SMR Holdings.

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