Mir Nasir Ali Khan – Promoter Managing Director, MAK Projects Hyderabad | Legends Exclusive Stories


For a true Hyderabadi, Nizami Lifestyle is in blood. At the same time, there is an enterprise about being a Hyderabadi. The values, beliefs are concrete; there is strong affiliation to true friendship and camaraderie; an ambitious outlook to make a difference to the field we choose.
Hailing from an aristocratic family, raised in a huge joint family, well educated doing a job embarks on a business journey just by happenstance to become a prestigious name in the construction industry.
Speaking to Raj Gopal Madishetty of Hybiz TV, Our LEGEND for the week Janaab Mir Nasir Ali Khan, Promoter Managing Director, MAK Projects takes us through a road that he took with the help of family, friends, Mentors and partners. A man who strongly believes every relationship in this life is a relationship for a lifetime – see the world through his glasses. Get inspired, get amused and celebrate success.
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