MSME Sectors need help | Mallikarjuna Gupta | Hybiz tv


The MSME Sector has been hit hard by the Covid19 pandemic and is looking for all the help it can get.

Speaking to us today is Mallikarjuna Gupta, a Cost and Management Accountant, with over two decades of extensive experience in diverse areas involving indirect taxation (GST), accounting, financial reporting, ERP development and management of direct reports.

He give his opinion about the way the MSME sector should overcome it’s problems

How should the MSME sector work it itself out of this crisis, as per your three pronged approach?

He also sets out the expectations from the Union and State governments that MSME units are looking for

Mr Gupta has advise if one is starting an MSME unit on their own, how would you do and the Sucess sutras as tiy calm it.
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