N V S Reddy Hyderabad Metro Rail


NVS Reddy Hyderabad Metro Rail MD received lots of problems but Reddy was bold enough to face the problems. The people approach the courts for the resolution and the courts favored the HMR and the people are given good compensation. There was big vegetable market prior to the construction but now they have been given an alternative source for the market and the people solving the problem. The city is needed to develop and hence they need certain changes to be taken says Reddy. The system is process oriented by drilling the bore and filling with the concrete. All the foundations will be changing regularly. There are expected to be of 6 piles and the piling cap to be put with the concrete bed to make the foundation stronger from the earth bottoms says Reddy. The agreement is made by bringing the Riots and the Business men under one branch and settling them without any problems. Reddy defines the complete plan of the Metro facilitating the women, old people and the Children. All the passengers will be benefitted with the latest technology. Reddy waits for the project to be a grand success in the country.