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New Zealand goes for no wires power….Nikola tesla
New Zealand adopts the worlds first commercial solution to transmit power wirelessly..a new startup has developed a method to safely and wirelessly transmit electric power across long distances without the use of copper wire ..
Nikola Tesla wanted to beam power without wires. NASA talked about building power-generating satellites that would do the same thing. But now New Zealand’s second-largest power utility — Powerco — is working with a start-up company to beam energy to remote locations.
It isn’t really news that you can send radio waves somewhere and convert the signal back into power. Every antenna does that routinely. The question is how efficient is the power transmission and — when the power levels are high — how safe is it? According to [Greg Kushnir], the founder of Emrod, the technology is about 70% efficient and uses ISM frequencies.
According to [Kushnir], the technology relies on metamaterials that are very efficient and a beam that sends all the power to the receiver, possibly through some passive relay stations [Kushnir] claims are like lenses and nearly lossless. Reading between the lines, it sounds like a modern take on the MASER with very good receiving antennas.

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