Paradise Restaurant | Ali Hemmati Chairman Paradise Food Court – How the Name Paradise Came


Hyderabad – the city of pearls, the land of Nizams and that is it? The affectionate people, the princely style of dealing with issues, the Irani Chai, Irani Samosa – that is it? one should be wondering what is this? the guys talk about Hyderabad and do not utter a word about Biriyani?
True – If one has to talk about Hyderabad, they will have to talk about the Biriyani and if one has to talk about Biriyani the elephant in the room should be addressed in the same breath. PARADISE Restaurant.
It is not the place that gave name to the Restaurant, it is the restaurant and erst while Paradise Cinema that gave the cross road the name – PARADISE CHOWRASTA
Ali saab who took over from his father to manage what was at that time a canteen annexed to the Paradise Cinema opens the door to the commitment, beliefs and philosophy that built the brand Paradise.
Today every Biriyani is compared against Paradise Biriyani. Paradise – even when it was a canteen to the day it was an open air Hotel to a day it became a proper restaurant to the day when it is a chain of restaurants – what remained intact is the aesthetic taste of the Biriyani.
So what makes Paradise so special, how did they end up building a brand for the Tea, Samosa, Biriyani, Haleem? The Legend of the Week – Ali Saab in Tete – a – Tete with Raj Gopal Madishetty of Hybiz TV talks about him, his family, his extended family a k a the employees of Paradise Group and then his commitment to the food lovers of Hyderabad.