Pramod Kumar Bathal, Zonal Manager, BOI, Bengaluru Zone | Alignment with National Priorities


The opening phase of the bottom-up consultative process designated to generate ideas and review performance of banks and their alignment with national priorities was conducted at the Zonal level on 17th and 18th August 2019 by Bank of India at Bengaluru Zonal Office, involving all branches and zonal office departments within the Zone’s jurisdiction. The Consultation & Idealization meet was chaired by Shri P K Dash, General Manager, Head Office and attended by the Zonal Manager, Bengaluru Zone, Shri Pramod Kumar Bathal & President of FOBOIOA Federation Shri.B N .Madhusudhana. In a first of its kind consultation, the branches were themselves engaged in self-assessment, deliberated on the issues, and evolved ideas on future strategy. The meet focused on the ways and means to increase credit to various sectors of the economy with greater IT content to bring about innovation and leverage big data analytics. The idea is to make banking citizen-centric as well as more responsive to the needs and aspiration of senior citizens, farmers, small industrialists, entrepreneurs, youth, students and women.Covered by Hybiz.Tv , Hyderabad
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