Ragi & Ragi Company | New Electronic brand – Bel&Jin


Ragi & Ragi Enterprises is one of India’s largestelectrical stores that helps all the leadings brands connect better with customers. Having credible trading capabilities, assuring unmatched quality and providing unwavering support have made Ragi & Ragi Enterprises a renowned one store for all leading electrical solutions.Apart from the overwhelming reception, great partnerships and consistent success, what made Ragi & Ragi Enterprises great is its‘quality product advice & counseling’. Ragi & Ragi Enterprises has grown from a pump selling start-up in 1990 to becoming a one-store for all leading electrical solutions by 2019. The leading electrical store has become synonymous with genuineness, original product offering and reasonable prices.Apart from becoming the highest rated electrical store, Ragi & Ragi Enterprises has been instrumental in many of Hyderabad’s iconic projects.This vast exposure and experience has made the founders of Ragi & Ragi Enterprises to embark on a new journey to bridge the gap between product innovations and customer expectations.
This great journey is what has led Ragi & Ragi Enterprises to the inception and now the launch of BEL&JIN. Whether it is Wires, Cables or Accessories, BEL&JIN provides the best of the best. This impressive superior product offering is inspired by how Mr. Ashith Ragi has helped thousands of customers pick and choose what suited their requirement in the best possible way. BEL&JIN’s wires and cables product range comes with exceptional manufacturing brilliance, durability and safety measures. Each product is designed and manufactured to meet a wide variety of applications. Going forward, the Company will foray into new products and solutions that empower lifestyles. The grand launch of BEL&JINwill take place on 9thMarch 2019 at JRC Convention, Hyderabad.

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