Ravioza Biotech – Enriching Animal Health | Poultry Exhibition Hyderabad 2019


Ravioza Biotech – Enriching Animal Health | Poultry Exhibition Hyderabad 2019
#RaviozaBiotech is a team of professionals, with an aim to contribute to the development of the animal health industry by providing the latest knowledge, new technologies and world-class manufacturing support to its stakeholders and customers to improvise their business output. Ravioza also aims to be a partner with the nation in providing affordable and choice of animal protein to its youth for building a strong nation.

The journey of Ravioza Biotech began with his founders who have experience of more than 25 years in the poultry industry since 1988. There objective is to bring forth the best of technologies and services available globally to Indian farmers.

The feed additives and enzymes are basic feed supplements for the poultry industry. The poultry industry is generating employment for urban and rural youths. The Poultry industry is now being considered as a core industry sector.

In view of this, it was thought desirable to undertake the review of the present status of the industry and to identify and analyze the critical inputs required for the implementation of new technologies. Ravioza biotech has envisaged and analyzed the importance of new technologies for the poultry industry
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