Shailaja Ramaiyer Director of Handloom and Textiles | National Handloom Day 2019


Shailaja Ramaiyer Director of Handloom & Textiles | National Handloom Day 2019
Every year 7th August will be celebrated as National Handloom Day, the department of handlooms And textiles, the government of Telangana would present a unique fashion the showcase of traditional and contemporary garments by designer RINA SINGH, 7 emerging designers of Telangana and the In-House collections by TSCO and Golconda Handicrafts. The main focus of this year would be the REVIVAL of the TELIA RUMAL IKAT and the creation of Tussar Silk Sarees in natural dyes. Rina Singh was brought on board by the department of handloom textiles { DHT }to recreate the telia rumlas with master weaver Guda Srinu from Puttapaka, one of the fewest weavers in the state who is still an expert in working in telia rumals. New designs and colours have been created and will be worked on going forward. the DHT is also looking at having training programs where weavers would be taught on making telia rumals going forward. The exhibition that brings together handloom textiles from 7th August 2019 to 12 August 2019 at Peoples Plaza Arena, Necklace Road Hyderabad

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