Somnath: 10th Chairman of ISRO


From TKM to ISRO
Scientists are no less than our soldiers protecting our border, both of them having one thing in common is to serve the nation. And here comes Venerable eminent rocket scientist Somnath appointed as 10th chairman of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) and as well as secretary of the department of space for the combined tenure of 3 years who replace renowned Scientist K Sivan.

Dr.Somanath is the former director of Vikram Sarabhai space center. He has been instrumental in many activities like the high thirst cryogenic engine and conceived a fast track hardware realization and test program. He had graduated from TKM college of engineering and also a gold medal graduate in his Masters in Aerospace Engineering at IIT, Bengaluru.

He became part of VSSC in 1985 by taking many GSLV projects. He was then associated with the PSLV project at its initial stage. He was later appointed as the project associate director for VSSC and also the project director of GSLV MK launch vehicle in 2010 followed by taking up responsibilities for the post of Deputy Director of Propulsion and Space Ordinance Entity till November 2014. Hoping to attain magnificent milestones in Indian Space Programs.

-Likhitha Shenoy

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