Successfully Performs life saving Heart Surgery of Two Months Old Baby from Nigeria


Baby Ojomo was born with a potentially fatal condition called in medical parlance as Transposition of Great Arteries TGA). In this condition the artery to the lung (Pulmonary artery) instead of arising from the right side arises from the left an carries pure blood back to the lungs. The artery to the body (AORTA) arises from the right instead of the left and carries impure blood to the body. The child was kept alive by three holes at various levels in the heart which allowed for intermixing of the pure and impure blood. This mixed blood ensured that the child was alive although blue. The child needed a corrective surgery on urgent basis to survive. Time was very limited because the right heart is not meant to pump blood to the body and might have given up at any moment;90% of such children die within a year of birth. And with time the pressure in the lungs will build up and eventually the left heart cannot take up the circulation to the body. Local cardiologist picked up this condition quickly, and as STAR hospital has an outreach programme in Nigeria, he contacted us. Thanks to the Indian embassy, Star Hospital overseas coordinator, the baby was flown in, accompanied by a doctor from the Nigerian air force.
Giving his note on the occasion,Dr. B.R.Jagannath
Consultant Pediatric Cardio Thracic Surgeon from Star Hospital, said, “It was a challenging case because of the clinical complexities and logistics of transfer from a distant country, but I am happy that the surgery was successful, and Ojomo is going home to a new life. The entire team of STAR hospital rose to the occasion, and we managed to bring back a smile to the parents of Ojomo.” The mother, now a very relieved person smilingly said, “I am absolutely speechless and couldn’t thank enough to Dr. Jagannath and, Dr Nithin pediatric cardiac and Dr.Ramesh Dasari pediatrician and entire team of Star Hospitals. I came to India with lots of hope and you made it possible. Star Hospital has brought back the happiness in our lives.

This Exclusive Press Meet was covered by HYBIZ.TV

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