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Amid the covid-19 pandemic, many local restaurants have reinvented themselves as takeaways after May 30th. India is famous for its delicacies and the people missed eating them due to the lockdown and strict guidelines which led to closing down of malls and restaurants. There have been long queues at takeaway restaurants but there are also a section of public who are still concerned about takeaway food and deliveries.

There is currently no evidence that the coronavirus can be transmitted through the food itself. A freshly cooked meal is any day better than eating cold stored food. There is no reason to avoid having ready to eat food or takeaway food if it has been prepared and handled properly.

The kitchens have geared towards professional and hygienic food preparation. The chefs are instructed to wear gloves during food preparation and handling. The timings and numbers for ordering takeaway food are given to the customers and food is being freshly prepared depending on the number of the orders placed. Extra care is taken in packaging of food and handed over to the customer by wearing masks and gloves according to the guidelines. The pick-up staff and other delivery agents are not allowed into the kitchen as per the standard operating procedures issued by the Government.

As the restaurants got a green signal for reopening, utmost care is being taken in the form of sanitization of the entire restaurant. This is an evolving process and the same standard measures should be carried out further by all the restaurants to ensure safety and well-being of everyone.
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